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The entrance to the Platinum Suite on the upper-level features onyx sidelights on the door, and a sitting room designed for leisurely in-room dining, which may also be enjoyed on the private patio overlooking Blue Mountain. Soft mornings on the patio are a quiet treasure.

The king-sized feather bed with luxurious custom bedding invites a restful night's sleep in the quiet dark of remote foothills. A romantic background is provided by custom mirrored headboard on the raised bed.

The bathroom features a window-wall shower, a Jacuzzi tub with a view over Blue Mountain, unique separate-height sinks and a bidet. A wood fireplace is set and ready to light, and extra wood is on the patio. The fridge, television, and other electronics are enclosed within a cabinet, and a chaise lounge invites indolent relaxation. Many mirrors reflect expansive and differing views, inside and out, and the rich colors of the building provide accents to the lighter finish of the room and its accessories.