Querencia is located in popular Murphys, California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Murphys is easily accessible from the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, and the Valley.


Click here to find out how to get to Murphys via MapQuest - however, use our directions below in finding Querencia from downtown Murphys. Some folks have quite turned around once on Sheep Ranch road with an internet Map in their hands. Best to follow our instructions above once you get to Angels Camp.


Take Highway 4 East to Angels Camp. Turn right at the light on Highway 49 and left at the next light which is Murphys Grade Road

  When you get into Murphys, watch for Sheep Ranch Road on your left.  It is your second opportunity left, and directly across from the entrance to the Murphys Hotel parking lot. It is also signed "Stevenot Winery" and "Mercer Caverns". If you pass the hotel, you have gone too far. 
  When you turn onto Sheep Ranch Road, set your trip odometer to zero. Go 4.2 miles up Sheep Ranch Road. Do not take any turns, interesting though they may be, such as San Domingo Road.
  Querencia is on the left, at 4383 Sheep Ranch Road. There is a concrete and onyx marker with the address and a sign. If you get to Fullen Road on the right, you missed us. Turn around and we will be your first right. There is a gate, so please call before you come. Visit by appointment or reservation only.

If you are unfamiliar with mountain driving protocol, here are several suggestions that will help keep you arrive safely:

1. Stay on your own side of the road, particularly on a blind corner. Time after time we see people cutting corners they are unable to see around. We also see dented left front fenders in the body shops all the time. 

2. When someone comes up behind you, pull over at the next wide spot in the road and let them pass. Chances are that a safe speed is faster than you are going, and there are no passing lanes in the mountains.  Please let our neighbors by. Otherwise, they may be tempted to tailgate or attempt to pass unsafely.

3. Watch out for people merging with Sheep Ranch Road from Stevenot winery and Mercer Caverns. This is particularly applicable when driving to Murphys from Querencia. There are no stop signs and many drivers do not even slow down or look when getting on the road. Drive very defensively.

To preserve the tranquility of Querencia, please call before you come. Visit by appointment only.


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"We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding night so special! Every detail was amazing! The champagne, the incredible breakfast, and the hospitality has helped make this the most memorable night of our lives!"

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